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This is an unsolicited review of the Cherry Hill, NJ Star trek Convention. I'm a Star Trek fan who "has a life" and it isn't feasible for me to travel outside of the Philadelphia area to attend one of your extraordinary events. I thank you for personally overseeing the recent Con. in my area, especially since planning the Vegas show could have drawn your attention away from our little (in comparison) event. However, the three day event I attended with my father brought back so many memories for me, of when we both attended the numerous events you held over a decade ago in Valley Forge. Since this was our first Con. in some time, we were pleasantly surprised by the experience of the Photo Ops, which became highlights of the weekend. Please bring more conventions back to Cherry Hill, NJ or other Philly locations. I will be there and I'm happy that this event was a success. I watch the Remastered Star Treks each week, and I look forward to the new Star Trek movie (Please have a Con. in the Philly area at that time), but I've forgotten how much fun these events could be. From a long time fan of both Star Trek and Creation, I thank you for allowing me to Create (sorry) wonderful memories with my dad.

- C.S.


I wanted to add my "Thank You" for a fantastic weekend. This was my first convention and at the age of 60 I was a little apprehensive about going alone. It didn't take long before my fears were gone. I met so many wonderful people. There was always someone to talk to and so much to keep you busy. Everything was well organized and the staff were extremely helpful. Of course, seeing my favorites - William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and George Takei - made the weekend. I felt like a 20 year old again. I'm ready for another convention! So to all of you out there who don't want to attend a convention because you'd have to come alone, I say GO! You won't be alone for long, you'll have a great time and you'll bring home some wonderful memories.

- M.A.


I just wanted to thank you for having such a wonderful and fun filled convention in Cherry Hill this past weekend. I really enjoyed myself. All the events were great.

As I mentioned to you when I met you, I have been a Trekker since the first episode and a loyal Creation fan since the beginning. I had fun then, especially coming to the store in Mineola and attending the early conventions. And I continue to have fun at conventions.

It has been an interesting study in human nature as well, watching the population of attendees change with the times. At first it was high school and college students to now when it is grandparents and parents coming with the next generation to show their support for this incredible universe. I sat near a father and daughter - she was about 7 years old and had her MP3 player tuned to Star Trek episodes! These kids are the ones who will carry the enthusiasm for Star Trek far into the future.

Star Trek is a unique phenomenon in which the fans are the driving force in propelling the interest. During dinner Friday night, Conner Trinneer mentioned how appreciative he was of the fans and what being part of this has meant to him and his career. The other actors had similar sentiments. I think it was a testament to the knowledge that the fans are so supportive that Mark Alaimo was able to bring his incredible Shakespearan lecture to us; he really made the passages understandable. Of course, all the actors brought something unique, whether it was musical, comedic or informative. The mix was perfect.

Star Trek has given me the impetus to learn to be a better, more understanding person, while at the same time, fostering an interest in science and space exploration. To that end, I am a graduate student in a distance program offered by the University of North Dakota that leads to an MS in Space Studies. Also, I am a space educator at an aerospace museum (the Cradle of Aviation) on Long Island (if you even find you have a couple of hours to spare when you are in the NY area, let me know and I will give you a tour of the museum!

Again, let me thank you for continuing to bring us Star Trek.

- S.R.


Your people are great—staff and volunteers—and it is obvious you get a lot of respect from the talent. Your conventions are an all around awesome experience. Seeing as this city is the self proclaimed "center of the universe"…what is a chance of getting a convention in the DC area—it is a nice central east coast location? Anything that can be done to persuade or assist you in considering this area for any future conventions will be happily provided. An interested party…

- M.


My name is Steve. My wife Jackie, our friend Susan, and I just wanted to write you and THANK YOU so very much for putting on such a wonderful, fun, and awesome convention this past weekend in Cherry Hill N.J. We had such a wonderful time, ALL of the guests were AWESOME. We always enjoy seeing Bill and Leonard, simply put, they are the BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wrote a letter last November thanking you for the GREAT show you put on in Secaucus N.J. We want you guys to know that we really do appreciate it. We love coming to your Star Trek events. We have been coming to your events for years, since the late 1980's actually. We are from the Boston Mass. area and always attend all of your events in Boston, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Connecticut. Basicially all of your Northeast shows.

I did ask you this past weekend about the possibility of a Star Trek con in the Boston Ma. area and you told me to write. There were many people I bumped into over the weekend that came down from the Boston & New England area. Hey, it would be a Boston Legal's Denny Crane coming to Boston con. LOL And it would be a Boston homecoming for Leonard. It's just a thought, you guys know the best places to have a show. Just keep up the GREAT work !!! We're just hoping that maybe Boston will be given a Trek show in the future. I'm sure you know that there are many Trek fans up in the Boston area. Oh, and Kate Mulgrew has never done a show in Boston either, she would be AWESOME. Thanks You Adam for that Wonderful, Memorable show. It was FANTASTIC !!! Hope to see you in the Northeast again soon. Best Wishes,

Sincerely, Steve...





I attended the 2007 star trek convention at cherry hill, nj and I wanted to thank you and everyone at creation that you all did a wonderful job making this one happen. It was my very first convention and I really had a great time. it gave me a chance to meet new friends and got to see the guests in person. I will definetly go to a convention again, and I heard that there is one coming up in november of 2007 in Secaucus, NJ.

- J.B.


My family and I attended the Cherry Hill convention this weekend. We were actually there for a family weekend in Philly, and I was supposed to just slip out for the dinner with Connor and Marc. Of course, once we got there, I began to attend more and more activities, dragging the kids to photo ops (they loved them!), getting autographs, etc. I didnt do everything, as that wouldnt have been fair to the rest of the family, but I did get to do more than I had hoped for. And I enjoyed this convention more than any other con I have gone to, perhaps because it was such a family affair.

But I think most of the credit for the wonderful time we had goes to your staff, your guests, and yourself. Even before I left, you answered several letters from me asking when the stars would be doing autographs so I would have a better idea of what I would be doing when I got there (you need to plan ahead when you have small children!). Your staff was incredibly helpful, and the guests were so friendly, I felt like I had extended family there with me. Top honors in that category go to George Takei, who remains my favorite guest star. He took a picture in the lobby, and was warm and friendly every other time we bumped into him in the hotel. (Mind you, I didnt want to bother him by asking for his photo, but before I knew it, my children had approached him, and he was only too happy to oblige them!) I also met Connor and Anthony Montgomery, and they were a delight as well. I hope they come back to many more conventions. I brought one of Connor's uniforms for him to sign, and he wrote an entire paragraph on it, and he took his time thinking of what to say. I will treasure that forever.

But what I am most thankful for, and I really owe your staff and guests for this one, is the photo op with Leonard Nimoy. As I said, this was a family weekend, and so I had to squeeze things in where they would fit. On Sunday morning, I realized our checkout was at noon, not 11, and so we could get a photo with Leonard if we hurried. So at 10:50, when his photo ops began, I grabbed each of my children (2 and 4) by the hand and raced downstairs for tickets. I stood in line for a while, and when we reached the front, realized it was the wrong line!! Your staff ushered me to another line, and put us at the front--the other guests were gracious enough to let us do this, knowing we might miss Leonard otherwise.  I believe it was Demetria who helped us--she was most helpful all weekend. When we got to the photo op room, we learned that Leonard's photo ops were over, and they were setting up for photos with Leonard and Bill. I was crushed. But not for long. A very tall woman with red hair --I wish i knew her name--assured me she would do what she could for me, and she went into the room with Leonard and asked everyone if it was ok if we came in. Everyone, including Leonard, who was undoubtedly enjoying his break, agreed, and we were escorted inside. I apologized to everyone for our tardiness, but no one seemed to care. Leonard was especially gracious, especially to my children, one of whom was a little scared of him--he quickly made her feel at ease. I cannot tell you how much this meant to me--I have been trying to meet "Mr. Spock" since I was seven years old, and my father and I were turned away from a convention in NYC because it was sold out. Since then, all opportunities eluded me for one reason or another, until this weekend. It was well worth the thirty year wait!

All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you! I hope to see you at many more conventions in the future.

Regards, C.P.


I attended the Star Trek Convention in Cherry Hill N.J. this past weekend and had an AWESOME time as I usually do at all your events. I want to Thank you guys at Creation for such a wonderful show. My wife, friend and I really do appreciate it very much. Lastly, we were wondering if you will ever come back to the Boston area for a Star Trek con ? It has been many years since you have come up to the Boston area with a Star Trek convention and many of us from the Boston / New England area who have been making the Trek down to N.J. were just wondering if You plan on ever coming back ? I really hope you do. The convention in Cherry Hill was awesome !!!!!!!!

Sincerely, S.



RE: Claiming photo op w/James Marsters
I just wanted to say, of all the photo ops I've taken (and I've taken QUITE a few), I've most enjoyed the ones I've taken with you at Creation cons. My first experience with you and Creation was at Grand Slam 2006 with Tony Head. I was so pleased with the photo.

I didn't mean to ramble on, but I wanted you to know that you rock. :) I look forward to receiving my photo and hope to see you at Creation's upcoming cons in October (Firefly/Serenity-Burbank) and November (Farscape-Burbank & Supernatural/Buffy/Smallville-Chicago). Thank you so much!

- K.A.


GOT IT TODAY!!! Thanks for the great work. Hope to see you again at another Fango convention.

- C.A.


Thank you so much. My photo came today and it's gorgeous! Everyone is saying how pleased they were with their Fangoria pictures and how vital it is at these events to have a photographer who is really on board with what the fans want. Hope to see you at other Creation events.

- W.


I hope I am sending this to the right person... I had a fabulous time at Fangoria Weekend of Horrors in NJ this weekend! I know that I wrote to you guys after the last convention I attended a few years ago at the same location, It was the Buffy convention with Nicholas Brendon. I have only been to 3 conventions in my life, 2 of yours and 1 other. You guys do an amazing job! I will only go to Creation events in the future. The staff and cast were great! Everything was just perfect. Thank you again for a wonderful time! I look forward to the next one, I hope there will be another one in the area soon!

Thanks again! A.S.G.


Thank you so much. I LOVE my pictures. You did a great job making me look good. And thank you for being so nice and kind and patient. It can't be easy dealing with a bunch of crazy women. This was the first time I ever did anything like this so I didn't know what to expect. But I thought you and James really worked well together.
Once again thank you for my wonderful Pictures. I still can't believe I met James. Take care, maybe I will do another Con some day.

- A.D.





I know me and Michelle both have sent email or phoned you about status of merchandise. It  is great to stay with one company for so many years. especially if you're a fan of the conventions and merchandise they promote. You have always been kind on the phone and in replying to emails :)

- B.



Just wanted to let you know that even if the chakram pendant was pretty expensive, it is truly finally the piece of fine jewelry I have been waiting for.  I am so VERY PROUD of mine and have not taken it off.  I guess I'll be buried in it. :) Anyway, thanks for always delivering quality in all you Xena folks do....

- D.




I just wanted to let you know that this was my first convention and my husband and I had a blast. I saw you making an announcement asking if things were going alright and I just thougt I would tell you my experience was great. We were there on Saturday and saw Rob, Steven, Lucy and Renee. What a nice experience.

We saw Lucy`s concert on Thursday thanks to you and walked away saying that was great! We had tickets for Saturday and we walked away saying that it was AWESOME!

I hope that you continue to do another east coast convention.

- Thanks again, N.G


I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the con and concerts. It was great seeing Zoe since I was disappointed she missed Burbank. I was also so happy to see Alex again after all this time. The other guests were great too. A big thanks to Renee and Lucy for attending the con. I always love to see them separately and together. I loved Renee's outfit for the photo op! Hot!!! She always keeps us guessing as to what she's going to wear.

Lucy just keeps getting better and better each time I hear her. I attended all three shows and thought they were all fantastic! Lucy rocked the house. My favorite moment is Renee's appearance with Lucy. That Renee is one hot Go Go dancer!!

I also wanted to say that I loved the merchandise, especially the con t shirt and Lucy NYC concert shirt. Very nice. I wish you would have had a poster like Lucy's NYC shirt though. I just love the banners. I'm glad you are continuing to have those for sale.

I am already looking forward to January 2007.

- J


Thanx for taking care of Jack and my crew this weekend, as well as letting us have a celeb signing at our booth. I hear attendance was huge and buzz on the show was great. I understand that there were changes to the usual vendor layout which posed some challenges, but given the circumstances we did well. It was also great to be a sponsor of the show; definitely helped raise our visbility at the show! Congratulations on another great event. Next year in a bigger place, perhaps? :-)

- Cheers, J





Wanted to say it was awesome meeting you and thank you for the info on the Fangoria Conventions ... going to take your advice and hit the California party next year. You Rock Man!

- R.C.


Thanks much your pictures this convention were great!  And thanks again for having the stars stand for the photos!

- Thanks, D.




Thank you SO much! Our son has Cerebral Palsy and has LOVED Star Trek all of his life; really, since he was a baby! This photo opportunity was the best thing that has ever happened to him! We look forward to attending the next one that comes to the Twin Cities. Thanks again for giving him the time of his life!

Take care, P.M.


Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon. This event was probably one of the best weekends of my life.

- Thanks again, K.


PS: Being my first time at a Creation con, I had an AWESOME time and would do another one(s)!

- S.




Just wanted to write and let you know how much I enjoyed Lucy's concert DVD. I think you guys did a great job on the sound, the look, all the extras. I really liked the part where you played guitar with Lucy singing. Maybe that could be Lucy's next project--Lucy Unplugged, an all acoustic show. Anyway, thanks to all you guys at Creation for your work on the DVD. Guess I'll be seeing you in New York!

- Teresa

2 for the road and Lucy's concert DVDs arrived couple of days ago.  The quality of these is the best you have put out.  Enjoying both greatly. 

- Mary Lee

Just watched Lucy's concert dvd that I got in the mail today. Great job on a great dvd!  It was a great concert full of energy and it's nice to have something to remember it by! Especially since I was just in awe the whole time and a lot of the concert nights are a total blur!  Thanks goes to Lucy for sharing the behind the scenes moments. Really enjoyed seeing you and Lucy work out the verse to the Cowboy song! You two rocked!  Hope Lucy has a great time in New York and I wish her much luck.

- Kim

I got the dvd of Lucy singing today and I loved it so much. I really loved the talking bits she did too. They were really good.

- Linda

I did not have the privilege to be at Lucy's concert in LA but I did enjoy the DVD of it from Creation. I especially enjoyed the song I'll Stand By You because it seemed like it was from her heart. I agree one hundred percent with Rob that the songs she song that were all Lucy, were the very BEST. I especially saw that with I'll Stand By You. Her beautiful voice and true personality came right out. She has such an amazing voice.  

- Patty

I received the dvd and it was great.  Please let Lucy know how much it was enjoyed and how wonderful she was.

- Debbie

Just wanted to let you know that I received the two DVD's on Friday and have watched them over and over.  They are so good.  Can hardly wait to see Lucy and Renee on stage at the convention and the concert in June.

- Dora




Our picture arrived and my daughter was delighted. Our thanks to you for your work.

- All the best, G.P.


You have no idea how much the picture of me with Adrian Paul and the one with me, my daughter and Adrian Paul (and the one with her and Adrian Paul) mean to me. Before we came to the convention, I KNEW they had the star sit and I wanted to have one with him standing with his arm around me (and around us) for the pictures. When you had the stars stand it was a dream come true. I sit here and look at those pictures EVERY DAY and it just is an absolute dream come true to have it that way - him standing with his arms around us. It is like you read my mind before we even got there. I just wanted you to know how very, very much those pictures mean to me and to my daughter. They were the absolute highlight of the convention. Thank you again so very much. You are wonderful.

- L.


Another Grand Slam has come and gone, and I would like to thank you for a wonderful weekend.

Regardless of other places I go, things I do or vacations I take, I am never able to clear my mind of things, the way I have always been able to clear my mind during the Grand Slam weekends. I can’t tell you how much I needed that this year more than any other year. There are not enough ways to thank you for that.

Everything was fantastic. I really hope you decide to keep Grand Slam in Burbank. It was a HUGE improvement over Pasadena. The hotel was incredible… the staff, the rooms, the atmosphere. Pasadena seemed to always be a party-central hotel and there was so much going on, outside and inside the hotel and hallways, I always had problems sleeping. I always felt like I was staying at some no-tell motel. Burbank was peaceful pleasant and I was able to sleep well, each night. Although you kept me so busy Saturday, between the auditorium, autographs, photo ops and then the ice cream social, I probably could have slept even in Pasadena that night.

The parking was better in Burbank, the rooms were more comfortable, more space in the bathroom, more space for clothes, more space for all our convention gear… you know, the important things in life.

The convention center was also a great improvement, as well. Everything, right down to the temperature control throughout the building, and the lighting in the auditorium, was better. And no four mile hike, if you forgot something in your room. Again, the important things in life.

Your staff, the volunteers and the guest stars seemed more relaxed, as well. The photo ops sessions were the best. I hope you use Chris for all of your conventions. His photos are professional, and he’s a great guy.

If it wasn’t for the two of you, none of this would have happened over the last thirty plus years. Even the “other guys” wouldn’t have been able to hold conventions. You and your staff are awesome. You bust your backsides to put on these shows. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I enjoyed the hell out of myself!

- T.J.


Hey there, I wanted to thank you once again for the Grand Slam in Cali this year. Me and my friend had a blast and it was the best con we have been to so far this year. We loved James Marsters and George Takei and if you manage to speak to Hayden, tell her a big THANK YOU for still coming to California even after all she went through, she still made it. Tell her thank you very much, she made the weekend just so special.
We are really looking forward to Fangoria in Jersey at the end of June. We live over on Long Island and cannot wait for Xena Con and the Fangoria Convention. We were wondering if there were any guests not yet published that are definalty coming. Me and my friend have some suggestions:

1. The brothers from Supernatural - Jensen and Jared
2. Robert Englund
3. Bruce Campbell
4. William B. Davis
5 Amy Acker from Angel, we love her
6. anyone from smallville

Also we saw that a Firefly/Serenity con was coming to California. God is California lucky. We were wondering if any new cons were coming to Jersey. Maybe like a Smallville/Supernatural Con?
Thanks again for everything

- P.


Thank you for all of your time spent taking all of the photographs at the convention.  We had a great time and these photos will be perfect keepsakes!

- Regards, C.K.


Just wanted to drop you guys a note about the convention. This was a great convention for me and my Mom. We come every year, but this year we got to meet and have pictures with Adrian Paul, our absolute favorite star. Thanks so much for getting him to the convention. It was a dream come true for us and we hope you bring him back again! As you know this annual convention is our Mother Daughter weekend together and we cherish it every year. Thanks for making this years such a great time for us.

The Photo Ops were the best this year. Having the stars stand up for the pictures made the experience and the photos come out the best they have ever been. Please thank Chris the photographer for doing that change. It was great! Chris is a great photographer, I hope he will do this convention every year. The photo ops are very well organized and move very quickly.

Thanks again and see you guys next year, we have our gold circle seats again for next year already.

- D


Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures you took of me with all the stars at the convention. I had 13 photo ops (one with my daughter, me and Adrian Paul), she also had 13 photo ops, same ones. You are a fantastic photographer and I hope YOU are THE PHOTOGRAPHER at ALL the Conventions. You do such a good job. The pictures were the best this year we have ever had. Having the star stand and the fans just walk up and get the picture worked SO MUCH BETTER. It made the line go much faster and the pictures were much more personal. Having a solid background rather than the Grand Slam banner with faces on it was much better, too. The darker background made the fan and star just pop to the front of the pictures. These were just so good. Thank you so much for the fantastic job you did and we hope to see you at the next Grand Slam Convention in 2008. We will treasure these pictures for the rest of our lives. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

- L.M.


I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you what a fantastic time I had at Grand Slam. I had never before attended any Creation Con run events and have to say how impressed I was with how well the con was run. All the volunteers were friendly and helpful and everything was well organized and on schedule.

I have to say, the way that the volunteers were dressed brought the whole con experience up a notch, conveying overall professionalism.

As I am particularly a James Marsters fan, I would definitely attend any of your conventions that he appeared at. I've already got my Gold ticket for Fangoria.

Many thanks for a great time, and, continued success to you.

- R.W.




Thank you for your help in making the payment for the items I won on e-bay. It was so nice to speak with someone so personable and friendly. I appreciate your sunny personality and bubbly attitude, it was so refreshing to get real customer service and help when calling. Thank you for your help and prompt mailing of the pictures.

- Thank you, D.




By the way-- the Gold Package was well worth the price-- the studio tour was fantastic! Please send my pic asap, thank you!

- P.F.


THANK YOU VERY MUCH. GOLD has its privileges and that is why we are ALWAYS GOLD CIRCLE and always have been and always will be. You run a great show. Thanks for doing this.  We have met so many stars from dozens of shows over the years.  We have pictures with and autographs from hundreds of them.  We never would have been able to do this without you having these conventions.  They are memories we treasure.

- LM


As one of the many people at Vancouver con I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks to you and all your people who worked so tirelessly there to make it a success. It was a wonderful weekend and I really appreciate the effort behind the scenes to make it go as smoothly as it did (have run a work related event for 100 myself, and I know you had far more than that).

The con was wonderful fun and certainly worth the effort for me to travel from Australia to see not only the actors but also the set tour. Please thank Martin Gero for his great patience with many inane but no doubt pressing questions for fans, as well as his sense of humour.

Your guests were delightful, especially Michael (having seen him in Australia, when is he not?). Teryl is just so warm and funny in real life as is Don. Please pass on my thanks to them as well. A special thank you to Torri as well. I look forward to seeing all of them in many more exciting projects like Michael's episodes of 24 in the future.

Anyway, I know you probably get lots of complaints and whinges from people when things don't happen the way they want, I just wanted to send you a small note to thank you and your team for a professionally run and above all enjoyable weekend.

- Kind Regards, J.A.


Just a note to say what a GREAT time all of my group had at the 2007 Creation Stargate Vancouver Convention! In fact, I've just ordered our tickets for next year's 2008 con from Leticia. :)

I was especially pleased that you had enough posters available this year and that everyone in our group was each able to get one (or more!). The unfortunate case of the delayed truck resulting in the long wait to buy ops & autograph tickets was the only thing that marred the event for us, and I know that was completely unavoidable. Otherwise the entire weekend was great as far as I was concerned.

Especially enjoyed seeing Morris Chapdelaine and Jeny Casady onstage, and that they were gracious enough to pose with all of us in our large group shot with Thor - I've attached a JPEG to show you how pleased we all were to have this opportunity. LOL

Also great to see Bruce Woloshyn again, and to get to finally see Teryl Rothery perform in person with Carmen Argenziano and Cliff Simon. These are several of my favorite folks and their addition made the event a delight. The option to get a Duo Photo Op with Cliff and Michael Shanks was also appreciated by any in our group.

One extra thank-you for the handlers, especially MamaDuck, she assisted our party several times during the weekend and she and all the helpers always seemed to know how to make us laugh, which eased the long waits in the Photo Ops lines.

I much appreciate your efforts in assisting all the fans during such a stressful weekend, I can't imagine how guys and your team you do this all the time - but you always manage somehow!

- Thanks again, D.B.


As usual, great con, great guests. The usual set tour was fantastic,norco was absolutely wonderful, as was the bus tours, except for 2 repeat stops from last year, (which were requested by the majority of bus guests, and nobody minded) it was completely new. Fewer places to see, but they were longer to get to. Still great! Thanks for David Hewlitt, way to short an appearance on stage, he could probably go on all day, but anytime is better than no time.

You always ask for guest recommendations, I cannot imagine who you don’t ask to attend. However, I’ll throw out some names anyway ( I won’t even suggest the regular cast): Ronny Cox (senator\President Robert Kinsey) also a good musician. Sean Patrick Flannery (besides Young Indiana Jones and a stint on Dead Zone, guested on Stargate as Orlin). Willie Garson (from a billion TV shows, played Martin Lloyd in Stargate, especially “wormhole extreme” and “200”). Any more of the DeLuise family. Morena Baccarin, does she count as regular cast?

Looking forward to 4 days next year.

- G.C.


I have gone to the Chicago Stargate cons for the past two years and will definitely attend this summer. (I also just got back from Vancouver 2007 and it was GREAT, thanks!!!). I just ordered my ticket for next year Vancouver.

My request is this: PLEASE invite Rachel, Torri, Colin Cunningham, and Tony Amendola, and PLEASE PLEASE invite Jason Momoa!!!!!!!

- Thanks, again! K.


I would just like to thank you so very much for your kindness and helpfulness at last Thursday evening’s event at the Stargate SG1/Atlantis Convention in Vancouver. It was a great pleasure to meet you. It is always very heartening to feel that the representatives of a company care that every patron is having the best possible time at an event of this size.

I am a complete and utter “Gate Junkie,” so I would also like to congratulate you on bringing together and coordinating such a fabulous array of celebrities for this convention. As a conference organizer myself, I know what it takes to book, bring and schedule a whole host of people into a three day event.

All of the celebrities were an absolute hoot onstage and those that I met in person (Meal events and Photo-Ops) were so very, very gracious and fun to talk to. In short it was a total joy to be there! So kudos to you for helping to make this the best weekend I’ve had in ages.

This was my very first convention, (yes, I was a convention virgin - according to Teryl Rothery) but I have already booked my seat for next year. Hope to see you there!

- Regards and best wishes for future events, J.B.


Adam, on behalf of myself and my husband Jeff I wanted to thank you and your team for another wonderful convention.  All time glitches aside (that’s to be expected with so many people and so many guests and events) I had a wonderful time.  My main reason for the convention was, as is probably the usual case, the tour, and I was not disappointed.  I walked (flew…lol) away from this experience with 938 photos of my vacation, a love of Canada that I hope to never lose, and so many memories I could fill a thousand scrapbooks.  I continue to sing Creation’s praises, and although this is only my second convention, both Creation, I still believe you guys are the best.

- So thank you so much.  See you in Burbank. J.K.


I just want to let you know that you and your team pulled off another great convention this past weekend in Vancouver. I would even call it a HUGE success!! I'm very much looking forward to next year's convention.

I was very pleased with your guest lineup. I felt you represented both shows nicely. I can't wait to see who you get for next year.

Also, please pass on to the volunteers who help you out at these conventions. They did a wonderful job as well.

- Sincerely, A.G.




You're the best. You guys are some of the nicest business people that I've ever dealt with. You've created an atmosphere that makes me want to continue supporting Creation Entertainment. I love the stars, but you guys pull off the show and I enjoyed it immensely. I will see if I can order tickets now.

- J.


CREATION: Oh my god...are you guys perfect?
I got a call from my husband yesterday telling me we had a package from UPS. They needed a signature, however, and he was sleeping (works the night shift) and left a notice. It said the package was from Creation. I thought, what the heck? I had ordered a Stargate SG-1 silver gate necklace on Sunday, at the convention in Vancouver, and was told it would take 2 weeks. It was re-delivered today and voila…the necklace. 4 days! Creation did it in FOUR days! Called it in from the convention, I’ll bet.

Please, pass this along to whoever is/was handling the merchandise and orders/shipping.

Once again I am utterly amazed at the service Creation provides. This kind of fast service is nearly completely unheard of in any industry.

- J.C.