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I attended your convention last weekend in Burbank. I had a great time! One of the things you said on stage was for fans to write you about our experience so I'm looking over the program to help refresh my memory about the weekend.

Really enjoyed the Friday film by the teenage girls. Major talent there. I actually went to the panel following their film. I dabbled in films when I was back in college, but nothing like what they can do. The panel was good. Learned how much ambition I lacked when I was their age! On Friday night I enjoyed the competition and the celtic band. They were good. I saw them at Dragon Con last year.

Saturday mentions: Billy's always funny, a crowd pleaser. David Wenham was cool. Love his new film. Good timing for him to be there. Saturday night, Beecake rocked.

Sunday highlights: the second part of the teenagers film stand out (nice touch having Emerald Rose in it too) and Andy Serkis ruled. He's such a presence. Cool getting a chance to talk with him during the autographs.

Liked having Sideshow there too. I have a few of their collectibles. Bought some cool stuff from the vendors. Liked the McKellan fan club presentation too. Trivia contest was cool.

As far as what to do next year? I think you have it all worked out pretty good. You know what fans like and who they like and you gave it to them. Bring back the talent, bring back the gorgeous filmmakers, bring back the fun!! No complaints. Just do the same bang up job next year with the same high quality presentations and you'll succeed again.

That's about it. Had a great time! Thanks for the ride!

- Regards, J.B.


I'd like to say thank you for a great weekend at ORC. It was my first time and it was AWESOME!

Didn't know exactly what to expect but it was just one great thing after another - BEECAKE (hot!), ANDY SERKIS (amazing), DAVID WENHAM (hot), DOUG ADAMS, BILLY BOYD (adorable), MIDDLE EARTH IDOLS (those girls ROCK), costumes, art show, vendors, music videos, the Celtic band (love Emerald Rose too!) and fan fun by everyone!!!


Don't change anything for next year! It was PERFECT!!!

I'd love to see more stars, though. Everyone says JOHN NOBLE and DANIEL REEVE are awesome! How about for ORC 2008? And, I'd love any LOTR star you had at ORC!

Peter Jackson? ? ? ? ? How cool would that be???

Can we vote again for an Idols winner? That was a riot! We only got to watch the Idols film once - bummer. Really, really want to see it again.

My favorite memory - Gollum's singing duet with himself!! Wickedly clever!! Never seen anything like that and I'm not likely to forget that anytime soon.

THANKS SO MUCH for the best weekend of my life!!! Beecake ROCKED!!

- L.


My wife and I attended ORC this past weekend in Burbank. We wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed ourselves. You opened the door for feedback, therefore allow me to share our thoughts with you.

The celebrities were first rate and their presentations were entertaining. We enjoyed the Celtic band and a number of the music videos

Our favorite events for the weekend have to be both Beecake and the Middle Earth Idols film by M.A.R.S. Productions

Thank you for bringing Beecake to the US to perform. I had no idea that Billy Boyd was such a talented musician. His concert was quite entertaining! It was nice of the band to hang around afterwards and chat with fans.

As for Middle Earth Idols, everyone in this film did an outstanding job, cast & crew alike. Really enjoyed seeing Daniel Reeve and Kiran Shah, especially. Got a kick out of getting to vote too!

May I just add that I am amazed at the abilities of those two ladies. The Scott sisters were treated with a great deal of respect over the weekend by LOTR fans, the celebrity guests and Creation, but RIGHTLY SO. Despite this attention, they never showed the slightest bit of conceit. Quite the contrary, they were charming, gracious and professional.

I would also like to add that Andy Serkis was brilliant! His monologue between Smeagol, Gollum, King Kong, Lumpy and a cat was incredible. David Wenham was a wonderful guest, with his new movie “300” just released it was great to have him there. Loved the guys from Sideshow and Ian McKellan’s fan club also.

Not really any dislikes, we skipped “Ringers,” because we have that video already.

Thank you for a special weekend. We appreciate your efforts to bring such quality entertainment to the fans.

- Sincerely, R.D.


I just wanted to thank you for the awesome experience of ORC in Burbank this past weekend. Even tho it was much smaller than the previous 2 ORCs, it was a much more intimate affair and that made it so much more enjoyable. I was the first person to hand in my upgrade request for next year, and finally made it to the front row. . . . can't wait for next years convention!! Thanks again for such an incredible weekend!

- K.S.


ORC was fantastic! My first time there! Loved seeing Andy, David, Billy and his band. That rocked! Loved that Middle Earth Idols film too. Both of them were hilarious!!!!!!!!! My favorite presentation of the entire weekend. You guys really did a good job with this convention. I'm going to go back next year too!! THANKS!!!



Thank you for giving us fans one of the best weekends of our lives!! I can't remember when I had so much fun last!

The weekend started our perfectly with that Idols films by the M.A.R.S. girls (so sweet, both of them). I laughed so hard I was crying! That really set the stage for a fantastic celebration among Lord of the Ring fans. Thanks for premiering this wonderful film at your event, and those girls were gracious and delightful.

I missed the evening panels on Friday, unfortunately, so I can't comment on them.

Saturday with Billy was glorious as always. I missed not having Emerald Rose there, however, as they are my favorite Celtic band, perhaps for 2008? I thoroughly enjoyed Beecake's concert that evening. And, David Wenham was wonderful and easy on the eyes. Billy, Beecake and David stick out in my mind for Saturday highlights. Missed the Dessert party, but heard Andy showed up for the lucky folks that were there! Great treat for the fans!

Sunday highlights again were Andy Serkis, of course, what an amazing man and the second Idols film with Gollum's winning song. How appropriate with Andy there!

The autograph and photo ops are always fun! Hope to see more of these LOTR stars in the future along with the MARS girls film projects, which I find to be ingenious and highly entertaining.

A few of the Tolkien scholars were a bit dry, but the animated panel with the Ringers folks was quite amusing. I enjoyed the costume contest, but didn't particularly care for the dance Hindi sisters (as Hobbits) and they seemed quite unfriendly when I tried to approach them to politely thank them for their performance. Put me off, but other than that everyone else was friendly and in good spirits.

I love things that fans can participate in and I love to laugh. I loved being able to vote for a LOTR singing contestant in the Idols fan films and I love the trivia contest. Hope you keep these welcome additions into your programming for future cons. They make people smile and put them in a good mood!

Loved the art show too!

THANKS for letting my voice be heard - next year? Emerald Rose, as many LOTR stars as possible, costumes, contest, Middle Earth Idols (adore those girls), artwork and hopefully another appearance by Beecake too. Oh, and I missed seeing Daniel Reeve this year. Why wasn't he here?? Always enjoyed his presentations at previous ORC and ELFs.

Best ORC yet!

D. Madison, Wisc.


As usual you have taken great photos, my photo with David Wenham was beautiful.  I look forward to receiving my photo with Andy Serkis also.

- C.H.




Thank you, thank you, thank you. I got the Autograph Picture of Scot Bakula today and I am very happy. Your personal attention to my request is why Creation is the best convention company in the world. Because of your personal attention Ron and I are coming back toLas Vegas this year. That and you will have Terry Farrell there (We all hope) !

- W. (The Netherlands)




I just wanted to express my deepest thanks to you for yet another wonderful convention experience. Even with a few travel woes on the way home (10 hour delays... ugh), we all had a wonderful time and I look forward to seeing you again in the future. Our table position was perfect and everything was handled by your people with the utmost professionalism. I will always come to Creation first for any of my conention appearance needs. Your work is truly second to none.

- Very best regards, T


Kelly here from the Fangoria convention this past weekend. Just wanted to come by, and say hi and thank you from the bottom of my heart for a wonderful, and awesome time!!! You, Magid, and the rest of Creation did a wonderful job!!! I made so many new wonderful friends, including you and Magid and a few others and it just made me so happy! I look forward to seeing, and hanging out with you all again soon. Thank God for the computer, and we can all keep in touch. Also, a HUGE thank you to Jared for thinking of us all and for sending the signed photos. He's a awesome guy!!! Even though, it was sad he couldn't be there something good came out of it by all of us gathering together in support of him, Jensen and the show Supernatural. I will keep you posted on the doings of us Winchester Women, LOL!!! You, also Chris made my weekend by being so nice to me and by just simply being a real sweetheart. You really know how to treat people, and you made myself and a lot of other people feel so good, and comfortable with everything. Well, I just thought you would like to know how I felt about this weekend, Jared and everything else with the convention. Stay sweet Chris, and take care. Next con, I owe you a drink, beer, etc.... for all your hard work with everything. Please feel free to keep in touch when you can, and please know if there's ever anything I could do to help promote Creation, Fangoria, Jared, Jensen, Supernatural, etc...just drop me an email or give me a call. Maybe we can get the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors convention here in Philadelphia sometime... Until next time, keep smiling, and keep up the awesome job you and the rest of the gang do at Creation! We, and I LOVE you ALL dearly!!!

- Sincerely, K.




Thanks for your consideration and thoughtfulness to Pat and Me for seats at Lucy's concert. Made it great for us and an experience I personally will never forget. Who could? The convention was one of the best, the guests outstanding. Having Lucy and Renee together, can we ever have that again! Pat and I will be back next year. The Xena fans are just too much. Like Renee and Lucy, they touch your heart.

- Thanks again, ML & P.


I just wanted to thank you for continuing to have the Xena Convention. I always have such a fantastic time at them. I look forward to catching up with old friends, meeting new ones and of course seeing all the great Xena guests.

It was nice seeing some new faces. Brittany Powell was a wonderful surprise. I hope she will be back. It was great seeing Patrick Fabian. I really love that they both said at the Charity Breakfast that they could feel the love and sense of family that was in the room. It was great seeing Robert Trebor again. He was mesmerizing in the Cabaret. What a talented guy! I enjoyed seeing Adrienne and getting caught up on what she's been up to. Steven Sears is always interesting to listen to. I like to hear the behind the scene stories he has. Jay Laga'aia was very entertaining. What a great singer! I really enjoyed hearing him in the Cabaret. Jennifer Ward Leland and Michael Hurst are a class act! I just love seeing them. They are two of the most talented performers I have ever seen. I hope they are at next year's convention.

Claire Stansfield!!! I was so happy she was back! How nice of her to thank the fans because all that she has accomplished is partly because of us. She had me laughing so hard during the rest of her talk with us. The Bitch is back!! Thank the Gods for that.

I loved listening to Rob Tapert and Liz Friedman. They made a great duo. It was fascinating to hear from two people that had such a big role in the show. I love getting Liz's take on Xena.

And last but not least Lucy and Renee. A big thank you to them for taking the  time out of their busy lives to visit with us at the convention. I just loved seeing them separately and together on stage. They truly have a magical relationship.  We are the luckiest fans in the world.
A big thank you to Renee for always making her photo ops so special. I just love seeing what she ends up wearing at them. She truly makes each fan feel special during our brief time with her.

Now about the concert - WOW!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad that Creation helped make that happen. It was truly one of the most magical events I have ever witnessed. Lucy was fantastic. I didn't think it could get any better and then her guest go go dancer showed up! It was hot before but when the two of them get together they set the place on fire! Thanks to Lucy and Renee for giving their fans two nights to remember. I cannot wait to get the dvd of the concert.

So again thanks to all for such a wonderful weekend!

- J.


I sure you have received hundreds of emails this week about the Xena Con so let me add one more…It was fantastic!!! It’s taken me this long to recover and get down from the weekend high. All I can say is wow! I had one of the shortest driving trips home from L.A. ever! With Lucy’s CD playing, remembering the concert and all the fun moments of all the guests, I think I was home in two hours instead of five! Thanks for putting together one hell of a concert(s). She is simply amazing and so, so good and true to us fans! Plus the class to have Renee on stage with her…it doesn’t get any better than that. What a treat! Plus having both of them on stage…I won’t forget this Con by any stretch of the imagination. It was so good to see Claire and without Hudson this year, Brittany Powell was a great get. She’s a sweetheart. Hope she’s back again. Everyone was outstanding!! Can’t say enough about everyone. It was just an extraordinary experience this year. Thanks again to everyone at Creation. Good on you!!

Regards, B.


First...we were really pleased to see some of the charity items we donated pull in a lot of money. We would be happy to donate more for the next Xena convention, especially now that we have a handle on what sold well.

Second...the photo ops this year were the best ever. The photographer and his staff did a wonderful job...I really hope you keep him. Everyone I talked to about the pictures was extremely pleased with them...even the celebrities were happy. If at all possible, we'd love to have this photographer again.

Third.....this was, without a doubt, the best convention I've been to, and I've been to a lot of them. The guests were great and everything went smoothly...it's going to be very hard to top it.
Thanks for a great time and I'll see you at the next one.

- P.V.


My sister and I had a terrific time at the convention, and I wanted to thank you for all of your thoughtfulness and hard work. See you next year. Hopefully, I will have a music video to send to you. Thanks again for a FABULOUS time!

- M.



RE: Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors, San Jose, CA

Thanks to Creation Entertainment and Fangoria for a 'killer' weekend & photos!!!!

- Sincerely, A.S.


I just wanted to send an E-mail your way to say how much of a pleasure it was to be a guest/vendor at the San Jose Fangoria convention! Tim Sullivan & I had three tables at the convention and the staff was top-notch and on their game! I can personally say I have never been treated so well at a convention. Magid was quite helpful answering my questions and helping us out with schedules and such. Both Tim & I look forward to doing more shows together and I know Fangoria is at the top of our list!!!! Please, please pass our comments along to ALL of the staff, we had a blast and we will be back! Thanks for being there for us.

- Neal R. DeConte
Horror Idols


RE: Star Trek London 2007 Convention

I'd like to thank you for taking such lovely photos! You worked so hard. We had three taken and they're all great. Looking forward to the photo.

- P.


Many thanks for the opportunity of the Star Trek London Convention. I found it well organized and I was impressed with the speakers - no doubt you and they've all had lots of practice. I had no idea what to expect, it being my first visit to a convention, but thank you all very much.

- Kind regards, S.B.


I would like to give a big thank you for a great star trek weekend. Please extend my thanks to all concerned. Roll on next year.

- Regards, I.W.


Just wanted to add my thanks for a great London event. The atmosphere was great, the stars great, the show great and it was great value. Please come again!

- M.W.


I just wanted to thank you and Creation for coming to London again and for a really great convention.

We weren't able to attend on Friday (which was a shame because we love Walter and George) but we enjoyed the guests on Saturday who we had not seen before. The real joy was seeing and meeting Patrick Stewart and also Connor Trinner and Dominic Keating who were just wonderful.

I know a lot of hard work goes into each of your conventions and I would just like you to know that it is appreciated that you come over here and let us have a taste of the conventions in the States......this convention for the number of guests was by far the best and we enjoyed every minute.

G. W.



RE: 2007 Xena Calendars

My 2007 Xena calendar arrived here in Australia yesterday and what a delightful collection of photographs you have put together for another great year of Xena 'watching'. My thanks to you for your continuing coverage of all things Xena, Lucy and Renee and wishing you (and them) a very happy new year.

- N. B.


WOW!!!! These calendars are beautiful! Great job, Sharon! You & your staff never fail. My fave pic is the November shot of Lucy on the horse from "The DEBT". I saw that and I just went OOOHH WOW!!!

- D.S.



RE: Photo Ops Feedback

Got my photo, Chris. It's beautiful, of course. You are beyond talented!

- J.


Thanks for all the great photos you have taken this year of me with the celebrities!  They are awesome!  Have a very wonderful and joyous holiday season, and see you next year!  

- J.



RE: Stargate SG-1, Secaucus, New Jersey Convention

I got my picture today that was taken at the NJ Stargate con, and I wanted to take the time to thank you SO much for the awesome job you did!  These were the best con pictures I've ever had taken and everyone I've talked to has said the same thing. Thank you so so so much!!!

- M.D.


Thanks for doing such a great job with the photos, and thanks especially for going well out of your way to make people happy!

- S.


You always do such nice work. It must be difficult to take such good pictures under the time constraints that you are given, so I really do appreciate it. I look forward to other shows and other photo ops!

- Regards, C.P.


My wife, my 8 year old daughter and I had a great weekend. Thanks for the great job and we hope to attend a future convention. This was our 1st..

- Thanks, J. 


Let me again thank you for the professional work and great photos that were taken at the Secaucus convention.

- M.



RE: Stargate SG-1, Burbank CA 2006 Convention

I wanted to thank you for a very professional job at the Burbank Stargate convention. It was a pleasure to watch you work and your results are outstanding. I hope to see you at another event in the future.

- Regards, M.D.


I just wanted to shoot you and your team a quick email to let you know how thoroughly my husband and I enjoyed our first convention…EVER. We are signed up for the Vancouver Stargate Con 2007 as well, and now that we know what to expect I am already bouncing off the walls.

You and your team are unbelievable. Very structured and extremely courteous and entirely too NICE! (I’ve told Anne that in regards to merchandise and ticket handling, so it’s your turn to receive the adulation!!!)

I am the one who purchased the Atlantis Gate monster at auction. Yes, it got home ok, and yes, it looks absolutely wonderful in my den. And the autographed photos and photo ops around it will look spectacular once they’re all framed and posted. It’ll be a work of love, just like your company’s conventions.

So thank you, Adam, and thank your team for me as they made three days into the best vacation I have ever had.

Although now my husband is a bit irked that I want to steal JR Bourne and keep him for myself. But that’s not Creation’s fault. HAHA!

- J.C.

The convention was great. Your people did a wonderful job through-out the entire event. My daughter had a fantastic time and I am sure you will see us again.

Please convey my thanks to all. It was truly a wonderful experience.....Go Creation!!!

- T.H.

Well, as usual, it was a great con weekend in Burbank. It was my sister’s first and she just got out of the hospital on Wednesday so I was worried about eating breaks and resting for her.

But I need not have worried because you have this down. It was not fast paced and hectic. It was a great steady pace with breaks in the middle to get eats and stretch (and potty breaks). The talent was packed and diverse.

Again, you did it up grand and all the volunteers are just pleasant and helpful. Looking forward to next year’s cons.

- P.



RE: Star Trek, New Jersey Convention

I'm a Star Trek fan going back to the original series and a long time Creation participant. I recently attended the convention in Secaucus, New Jersey and had one of the most enjoyable times. I specifically wanted to name some of your employees who were exceptionally helpful and pleasant. They are Chris, your terrific photographer; Tammi (security); Becky, Julie, Carol, Amy and Joni. I've already purchased my package for the Vegas convention. Looking forward to seeing you there and having another exceptional time. Regards and have a healthy and happy holiday and new year.

- H.G.


Hi Chris,
I attended the Star Trek convention in Secaucus, NJ, and had the pleasure of taking a picture with William Shatner with my kids. I found the photo at your posted site and look forward to getting the picture from you. I would also like to thank you for the exceptional job you did, and your professional manner in handling all the folks. That was my first ever "fan" convention and I look forward to dealing with you in the future.

- M.S.


My husband and I just returned home to Delaware from the 40th Anniversary STrek convention in Secaucas, NJ last night, and we wanted to say what a great time we had! (Having been in theatre years ago myself, I know what planning and hard work nmust go into that production, esp. since you are doing shows all the time). This was my first ST convention (I promised my husband I'd go with him), and I didnt know I'd have such a good time. I enjoyed the personal stories (from you and Richard) and even the music you chose to score the video clips. I thought the weekend was well-planned, and well organized. I wanted to let you know what a great job you guys do; and I'd recommend Creation Entertainment conventions to anyone. 

Sincerely, Dr. Ben & Liz Cassutto  :) 


I spoke to you a few times at this past weekend's Star Trek convention in N.J. I had met you at many other cons and you're always very helpful.

I received an e-mail today from Leticia regarding the tickets for the Chicago ELF convention. Thank you for taking care of that so promptly. I really appreciate it.

The other thing I want to tell you is how GRATEFUL my family and I are for the GREAT convention you put on this weekend in N.J. Everything ran so smooth !!! We absolutely enjoyed every moment of the entire weekend. I sincerely do mean that. Star Trek is certainly ALIVE and WELL, wouldn't you agree. William Shatner was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE, we have seen him at two other of your conventions and he is always so GREAT. I would go to see him every year !!! We thought Kate Mulgrew was really GREAT, she was so FANTASTIC on stage. We never watched much DS9, maybe a few episodes here and there, but we REALLY enjoyed seeing Avery Brooks, he was really GREAT too. We also enjoyed Richard Arnold's presentations throughout the weekend, they were very nice, especially his tributes to Deforest Kelly and James Doohan. All of the other guests in the dealers room were really great too.

My wife and I especially enjoyed seeing, talking to, and getting Joanne Linville's autograph. She was really nice. What a great character the Romulan Commander was in The Enterprise Incident. We can't wait until next year's show !!! Also, please thank Magid for me for getting such great guests for all of your conventions. My family and I sincerely appreciate all you guys do.

Best Wishes, S.F.


RE: Farscape Burbank, CA Convention

I attended the Farscape convention in Burbank last weekend--the first time I have done so, in fact, the first fan convention I have ever attended! I had a truly wonderful time and wanted to say thanks to Creation for all your efforts to make this such a fun weekend for Farscape fans. The highlight of the weekend is seeing all the cast perform on stage and answering fan questions, most particularly Ben Browder. Gosh, I knew the man was entertaining, but the bunny suit routine topped anything I have ever seen on stage or film for pure hilarity! I hope that Creation will be able to produce a DVD for sale of Ben's performance in its entirety (please!). I will be one of the first in line to buy one or two. :-)

- PW


My son Max and I always have a fantastic time at the Farscape Convention, having attended the last four years. It has been the highlight of every year. In fact, the second time we attended was a complete surprise to him. All he knew is that we were going to California on a "business trip," which miraculously coincided with yet another Farscape convention!

The Creation Entertainment people have always been fantastic, friendly, gracious and enthusiastic (you included, of course). Creation reminds me of Southwest Airlines -- it works because it has the very best, genuinely motivated employees. We will definitely attend next year. Thank you again for such a fantastic time.

Sincerely, R.B.


Can I just say..... Browder. Bunny suit. Wow!

That was just the most amazing thing I've EVER seen -- And for once Anthony wasn't the biggest lunatic at the con, LOL! I hope you can persuade Ben to let you put it on DVD for us! I'd definitely buy one! We're all raving about the con and especially Ben over at Terra Firma, we had a fantastic time! I finally succumbed to buying a pulse pistol replica, too....

Thanks SO much for a lovely con, and I'm really looking forward to a last hurrah next year!

- L.


I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to the two of you and your entire staff for once again bringing us a wonderful Farscape Convention. It was again one of the highlights of my year to attend and see the cast, crew and my fellow fans. Thank you so much for making this weekend so great!

Every year, I am thankful to attend this great convention and every year, I am impressed and awestruck by the friendliness, helpfulness and fairness of your staff and volunteers. All of the staff and volunteers I met were respectful, fair and professional; of special note are Letitia and Val. As always, Letitia was considerate, helpful, fair and the voice of reason at a stressful time when most other people would have been at their breaking point. Every year, she impresses me with her cool and collected control, while at the same time being accessible and friendly and seeing to the needs of hundreds of fans. Val was professional, yet friendly and humorous; she did her job with the utmost professionalism, while still being available to the fans and understanding their needs. I may have been there to see the cast and crew of the show, but the staff and volunteers laid the foundation to make it a great show. Thank you again!

- T.G.